Asfar booking (asfaralhuroj  travel ) Hotels has been created to provide the public user the possibility to search and book his hotel accommodation as he will be able to choose the hotel that suits his demands.

Acting as a hotel provider, asfarhotels.com proposes different categories of hotels, in different locations and at various rates. The hotel classification shown by asfarhotels.com is provided according to the official classification of each hotel in its original country.

Our offers and services are based on information provided by hotels. We reserve the right to change any term and/or condition of this agreement without prior notice. 
By accessing and booking through asfarhotels.com, you will agree to accept and be bound by its terms and conditions that are in effect at the time of use. Libyabooking.ly  shall not deal with any claim that has not been presented (by the user) to the hotel during the period of his stay. 

some hotels apply different rates for non Libyan citizens. These hotels are clearly designated on our web by “rates not applicable for non Libyan citizens. Non Libyan citizens who do not apply the correct rates may not get their room upon presentation of their passport on check-in or may be requested to pay an extra rate, higher than the actual rate published on our web for Non Libyan citizens. In any case, please note that we are not held responsible and no refund will be done. 


By purchasing the hotels services through asfarhotels.com, additional terms and/or conditions may apply:

When you confirm a booking, you will automatically make an agreement with the hotel you have chosen. (For example, when booking, every hotel has a cancellation policy that you have to agree upon). Consequently, you consent to abide by these additional terms and conditions imposed by the chosen hotel and in compliance with the hotel’s rules and restrictions. 
An amount of 25 Euro will be deducted from every cancelled booking even if it is on a request basis. This amount will be considered as service charges.
It is important to know that in some rare circumstances, a booking may be rejected by the hotel within the next 48 hours from its confirmation date. In this case, we can either replace it by a similar hotel or issue a refund.


Most of the hotels apply rates according to the nationality of the guest; In general, prices are divided as follows: 
• Middle East & North Africa citizens: Lowest prices. 
• Non Libyan citizens: Higher prices. Gulf countries are: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and UAE. And citizens of the other countries (USA, Europe, Russia, etc…) are requested to check with us. 

Cancellation  Policy

the following penalties apply as follows:
If your stay is booked for 1 to 4 nights, you will have to pay 1 night penalty.
If your stay is booked for 5 to 8 nights, you will have to pay 2 nights penalty.
If your stay is booked for 9 to 12 nights, you will have to pay 3 nights penalty.
If your stay is booked for 13 to 16 nights, you will have to pay 4 nights penalty.
If your stay is booked for 17 to 20 nights, you will have to pay 5 nights penalty.
If your stay is booked for 21 to 24 nights, you will have to pay 6 nights penalty.
If your stay is booked for 25 nights and above, you will have to pay 7 nights penalty.

Note: in fair periods, above rules do not apply and full amount will be charged as penalty.


By booking through libyabooking you agree that your credit card will be charged for the total reservation price which includes: 
The room rate pre-negotiated on your behalf by our Company. 
The tax recovery charges applicable according to the hotel’s location. 

The cost of your booking that appears on our website is the total amount charged on your credit card. No other extra charges will be added. 

When you confirm your booking, you shall pay the total sum related to your reservation. After that, you have to print out the voucher containing all the official details. You have to show this voucher to the hotel as a guarantee of your prepaid booking. 
Anyhow, you will be responsible of the cancellation fees, if any, when you cancel your booking. 


If you decided during your stay to reduce the number of nights mentioned on your voucher, asfarhotels.com does not refund unless you submit to us a written and stamped confirmation from the hotel stating that they accept this refund. Please be sure to have the said confirmation before you leave the hotel. 
In case of repayment, asfahotels.com shall deduct 15% of the refunded amount. However, during events such as Trade Fairs or other special events, no repayment will be possible. 


By booking a hotel through libyabooking.ly you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the cancellation fees. If you change your reservation or cancel it in accordance with the policy of the chosen hotel, it will be free of charge. Otherwise, you will be charged by cancellation or change fees. Therefore, we highly recommend you to read the cancellation policy very carefully before you confirm your reservation. 


The services presented on www.libyabooking.ly are based on the information provided by the relevant hotel therefore improvement and/or modification of information such as prices, availability or services may occur. The hotel remains responsible for the correctness of the information. Consequently, although we have taken maximum precautions when providing information on each hotel, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information published on its website as we disclaim any liability for incorrect or modified information made by the hotel.

asfarhotels.com has no liability to you or any third party for any direct or indirect damage, claim, expenses and/or loss arising out, related or due to lack of documentation, breach or disobedience of your requirements with the service provided. asfarhotels.com shall make no refund resulting from the use of this website or for any information obtained through this website. You should always check the provided information before you confirm your reservation. 

We wish to emphasize that asfarhotels.com is a hotel provider. As such, we are obliged to list the information as they are given to us. Moreover, we have the duty to mention the official category of each proposed hotel. 

Last but not least, let us advise you the following: Price is an important indicator of the quality offered by a hotel. Less you pay, less services you should expect to receive. 


The terms of this Agreement are governed by the Laws of Libya. Therefore, you agree to tolerate the Libyan Laws in any legal action that you may take regarding the use of our website.


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