Assafi Hotel
Country: Libya
City: Tripoli

Tripoli  libya

Street life Mahtar


Phone. 021-4444011



 Assafi hotel a classified as a four stars hotel category and located in center of downtown and is about 25 minutes away from Tripoli international airport, The hotel accommodates a restaurant, a cafe and reception hall, The hotel has been designed on the most modern style, The area of the rooms, suites, halls and corridors in a way  that gives the sense of comfort and luxury.

The hotel has been supplied with a TV transmission system, internet, a fire alarm system and s security detection apparatus at the entrance gate, and all rooms and suite are furnished with refrigerator, TV and air-condition. The hotel staff team which is specialized in tourism and hotel management is providing best services for the clients to make their stay pleasant and comfortable. There are a set of different rooms, such as single, double, suites, all rooms are furnished with luxurious furniture, and the help of a major Turkish company has been sought for this purpose. Suites and rooms provide an atmosphere of comfort and calmness for customers, in addition, the rooms are furnished with the means of comfort and security.
Hotel Rates
Room Type Price Season

Single Room 115 $ 000 Book Now
Double Room 135 $ 000 Book Now
Excellent Suite 140 $ 000 Book Now
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